We Have Been Fishing Since 2006, Mostly for Striped Bass, Blue Fish, & Tautog. That May Seem Like A Short Time, But When You Consider The Hundreds Of Hours We Have Spent Over Those Years, Not To Mention All The Places We Have Fished, Like Narragansett Bay, RI,  Block Island, RI., Outer Banks NC, North & South Carolina, Chesapeake Bay Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, and Bay of Fundy-Canada, and  Cozemel, Mexico, and Bermuda. You know we have obtained some real experience! We have fished the Striper migration from one end of the migration to the other. From The Outer Banks to Bay of Fundy, Canada. The Amount Of Years Are Not As Important As The Hours Of Experience We Have Acquired In A Short Time. Our Charter Service Is New, So We Are Setting Our Rates Very Low, And Here Is Why......   Fishing Is Our Passion, So This Is Not Just About The Bottom Line. We Get Excited When We Can Get People Catching Fish. We Love To See Their Excitement.  I Have Paid To Go On Many Charters Myself, Over The Years, Where We Have Never Caught A Single Fish. Now We Knew Going In, That It Is Always A Possibility , But Does Not Make It Easier To Take.  So, What We Want To Do With Our Charter Service, To Build Our Client Base, Is To Make Our Rates More Affordable To The Average Person. Also, To Make It Clear To Every Client, What Their Chances Our To Actually Catch Something Based On Time Of Year, Weather Conditions, Moon Phases, Etc.   Also, In The Beginning, We Are Limiting Our Charters To  Fishing For Striped Bass, Blue Fish, & Tautog. We Fish Days & Nights. We Can Go Out After Work If You Want!!!   We Are Also Going To Try Something No Other Charter Does That We Know Of.  A "Jump In Charter", Which Means.... If You Are One Person, And Want To Go On A Charter, You Can, "Jump In" On One of Our Sign Up Days, Or Maybe With Another Charter, To Share Costs. We Are Going To Try To Pick A Certain Day Of The Week For People To Just Come On, And Share The Costs With 1 Or 2 Other People. That makes It affordable For The Single Fisherman. 
Fishing Charters Are A Maximum 3 People.     Now Let's Catch Some Fish!!!!
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Fishing Is our passion

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